The Story of Stepp

With life comes risk, and managing risk requires skill. Instead of navigating risk on your own, Stepp offers you the opportunity to work with people who understand risk. Stepp is part of your community of trust.

At Stepp you will find brokerage services provided by experienced relationship managers who are with you every stepp of the way for wide-ranging expertise in risk management and insurance essentials. Knowing that you are able to recognise the risk inherent in living a modern life places you a stepp above. Recognising that Stepp is the brokerage firm best situated to assist in managing your risk, means you are stepping up to the next level. At Stepp we take your risk, analyse it, and plan for it through precise and purposeful knowledge. In short, we understand risk.

Stepp’s philosophy of risk management and insurance coverage is based on care. We take our responsibility as guardians of your risk seriously by encouraging relationships of empathy and education, combined with a fresh and innovative approach. Understanding risk means we have a firm grasp of all the possible problems that could have an influence on your specific profile and, more importantly, we have the solutions that will allow you to stepp over those obstacles. To climb a mountain you only need a firm foothold. Once you’ve taken that first stepp, there is only one direction, and that is upwards.

No matter where life takes you, certain things will remain essential. We need food, water and shelter; we need safety and security; we need to belong. For centuries, humans have lived in close-knit communities and were guided by reputations built over decades when trading for food or other essentials or discussing ideas to improve the quality of life. Sharing our lives with others have given us culture, knowledge, a history and a future.

Today our physical landscape looks different. We have modern cities, the ability to travel quickly to remote corners of the earth, and often our immediate family members or business interests are spread out across the globe. However, our inner landscape has not changed: taking care of certain essentials remain a primary responsibility. And when we place that responsibility in someone’s hands we are still guided by trust, by that gut-feel that this is the right thing to do.

Shouldering your responsibilities is often daunting because you are handling what is dearest to you: your future and the future of your loved ones. Risk is an unavoidable part of modern life but fear of risk shouldn’t keep you from making decisions or taking actions that will benefit you. In fact, all you need to do is recognise the reality of risk, and then stepp in the direction of your village square. You might not share an actual village any more, but you still belong to a close-knit community. This community is Stepp and we are asking you to trust us to help you transfer your risk to a relevant insurer that caters for your specific needs. In return, you get the peace of mind that you’ve made the decision to have one of the essentials of life taken care of by someone you can trust.

Our clients, our community members, trust us because they know that we understand risk and that we care about each individual. Our ethical and honest wisdom is built on decades of experience. And we continue to grow and learn as we increase our footprint. When you place your risk through our facilities, you place it with the Stepp of today, but also with a community whose wisdom is the collective sum of all the experiences, knowledge and life lessons learned by the fellows of this community. It is this wisdom that inspires the confidence and comfort you need to trust us with your risk. That is the first stepp of confidence – the moment you decide to place your trust in someone to assist you in making sure that one of the essentials of life is taken care of.

Being part of the Stepp community provides you with access to skilled guidance of an adaptable blueprint that yields results. We are always planning for the next stepp. We keep an eye on the here and now, and we keep an eye on the road ahead. As with any journey, we are ready to adapt to obstacles and challenges, all the while keeping your best interests in mind. Your risk profile is the compass we use to navigate; your fulfilment is the X that marks the spot on our risk map.

You might wonder why we are so keen to assist you with your risk. It is risky, after all. Life is full of situations that expose us to danger or loss. Who would be so noble as to take on advising someone else on their risk in addition to their own? At Stepp, it is our belief in our ability that gives us the confidence to ask you to allow us to help advise you on your risk. Knowledge really is power and power is what provides us with the capacity to anticipate events and take the necessary stepps to keep you out of harm’s way.

Taking that stepp to join Stepp will confirm your sound judgement and your ability to recognise quality. Your forefathers knew a good thing when they saw it and that skill has been passed on through generations. You still have it, you can still trust it, and you can trust Stepp. This is where your trust journey starts.
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