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April 23, 2019
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May 7, 2019

The year has taken off as if there has been no let off from last year. At Stepp, it has been no different. We are hard at work growing our brand and expanding our horizons. We are looking forward and are well prepared for an opportunity-filled year ahead.

At the beginning of last year, we saw a major shift in governance. Only with this shift, did we realise to what extent and damage was caused to the economy of the country. This downfall includes corruption, abuse of tax monies and the unfortunate breakdown of well-entrenched and functional structures. Almost every state-owned enterprise was affected. Sadly, there might be more to come.

Even though we experienced a shift in governance, there remain many challenges. This shift and downfall has an effect on every businessman in South Africa and begs the question, “where to now and what does this hold for me as a businessman?”

It should be noted that there are a number of individuals such as the President, Pravin Gordhan and Tito Mboweni, just to name a few, that I truly believe have the country’s best interest at heart and I also believe that change is taking place, albeit at a slower pace than all would wish for. It’s important to note that all facets of government and security services are, however, still being operated according to the previous way of ruling. However, the dismantling of this has begun and I trust that this will gather momentum after the election.

I must stress that your attitude towards the current situation is crucial. We have a perfect opportunity, should you have the courage to believe and remain positive. I believe that the economy is turning and that it will grow at an increasing rate over the next few years. We are faced with a multitude of difficult challenges, that may seem insurmountable in some cases. Here in lies the perfect opportunity. With the right attitude, focus and open-mindedness, we are presented with huge opportunities. By no means am I advocating that you will not need the courage of your conviction and commitment to hard work to overcome these challenges. It is vitally important that senior management and middle management begin to position themselves for the upturn over the next few years. Positive people have an important ally in achieving the perceived impossible, which is the negative people who sell themselves out to negativity, social media and the general media. The more depressed and focused they become on the challenges, the less competition you with the positive mind and attitude will have.

We at Stepp are well prepared for just that. We are excited, extremely optimistic and very positive about all the opportunities that we are being offered and exposed to currently. At Stepp, we believe that there will be a consistent albeit a gradual improvement in the economy, accelerating continually over the next few years. We have agreed to accept the multitude of challenges that our country offers and to convert them into the major opportunities that they are.

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