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Differences between long-term and short-term insurance
June 21, 2019
While you’re packing, remember your travel insurance
June 21, 2019

It has been a very busy three months in our country, economy and at Stepp. We had the National Elections, most of our SOE’s faced more challenges and the first quarter GDP dropped to 3.2%. At Stepp, we have increased our number of facilities, had an energetic conference, bedded down our acquisition in Upington and we are about to finalise another brokerage in Bethlehem.

We, at Stepp, have been fortunate to experience both organic and acquisition growth over the last three months. I would like to thank all our staff for their concerted effort and also a very big thank you to our loyal and supportive clients. We, at Stepp, are fully committed to improving our already high standards for our valued clients.

We are in the process of developing a product that will assist our clients who have personal policies. This product will assist our clients in paying their premiums for a period of 6 months at death and with retrenchment. In our current economic environment, this is a real issue at hand and faced by many. It is important for us that our clients are afforded the opportunity to protect their personal assets for a period while they seek re-employment.

Even though all of us, as a collective, are facing a number of challenges, I remain positive. I want to encourage all to focus on the positive as we begin the journey of getting our economy back on track again. I truly believe that a positive, goal-focused attitude will go a long way in overcoming the challenges which lay before us. Perhaps we may be surprised by an early interest rate drop after the news on the economy that I have mentioned above.

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