Life is a journey filled with risk. You need skilled guidance advising you how to transfer potential risk,
ensuring peace of mind as part of a fulfilled life.

At Stepp we understand risk and our experienced representatives will guide you every step of the way with wide ranging expertise in risk management and insurance essentials. As part of the Stepp community, you will experience a sense of belonging where relationships are built on trust, confidence, ethical and honest wisdom. Start your journey with us, take the step and our fresh and innovative guidance will result in a trust journey.
We thank you for your loyal support through the years and assure you that our operations and staff will remain unchanged and our service promises to remain personal and even improve due to the larger network and accessibility in all sectors of our business.

A Trust Journey

The Origin of Stepp

“Stepp” is a version of the Germanic word “stepe” and is also derived from the meaning of the Anglo-Saxon name “Stapelton” which refers to a trading village or space where goods were “stapled” in heaps to be sold or traded.

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