Insurance Checklist

Declare your previous insurance claims

When applying for an insurance policy, ensure that you declare ALL your previous insurance claims.

Check your insurance premiums

You have to ensure that your premiums are paid. Stepp will contact you via SMS if a premium is rejected, but the final responsibility for unpaid premiums resides with you.

Update your details

Notify us immediately of any changes in the risk, your contact or banking details.

Review your policy on a regular basis

  • Always remember that all items (other than vehicles) are insured at the replacement value of the item at the time of loss or damage. You therefore have to ensure that you are adequately insured. If not, “Average” will be applied to the loss, which means that you will be responsible for a proportional share of the loss or damage.
  • Settlement of claims in the event of a stolen or written off vehicle will be based on the Retail value of the vehicle at the time of the loss. Your vehicle should therefore be insured for the Retail value, including any extras that are fitted to the vehicle. This amount must be reviewed on a regular basis, as motor vehicles depreciate in value. In arriving at a claims settlement figure, other factors, such as high mileage and the condition of the vehicle will be taken into account. Contact Stepp to assist you to determine an accurate value.


To ensure that your household contents are insured at the correct value it is wise to complete an inventory to help you to calculate replacement values. This can be obtained on the Stepp website under heading “Download Forms” and the ‘General Forms”.

Valuation certificates / proof of ownership

In the event of a claim you will have to submit proof of ownership. On jewellery, specifically, we will require purchase invoices and/or valuation certificates (valuations certificates are a given for jewellery items). On household items, such as furniture, sound equipment, clothing etcetera, video footage and photographs can be used as proof of ownership.

Burglar proofing

Our basic security requirements are burglar proofing and security gates and it applies to every window and door leading into the house. If there are any doors or windows that are not secured, you must make specific mention of this to us.

Burglar alarm

If your cover is subject to a burglar alarm system, you have to ensure that it is in proper working order and linked to a security control room with armed response. You are also responsible to ensure that the agreement with your security firm is maintained. The alarm must be activated when the premises are unoccupied.

All-risk items

We provide cover for clothing and personal effects, which are normally worn or carried by or on a person, away from the home. Note that cover for unspecified items is limited. High valued items, such as jewellery, and mobile communication devices, must be specified under this section (laptops to be insured under personal computers/electronic section).

Correct usage of your vehicle

You have to declare the correct usage (private or business) of your vehicle, since the rate is determined on this basis and there is a risk of repudiation of a claim for non-disclosure or misrepresentation of the correct usage.

Regular driver

Premiums are based on the profile of the regular driver as supplied to us. If this is not disclosed correctly or misrepresented there is a risk of the repudiation of a claim. If anything changes from what you have originally disclosed to us, we must be notified immediately.

Roadworthy vehicles

Your vehicle must be maintained in a proper and roadworthy condition at all times.

Legal contract

An insurance policy is a legal contract. Make sure that you read and understand the terms and conditions. If not, please contact us so that we can explain.

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