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June 26, 2019
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July 23, 2019

Wow! What a tumultuous beginning to the year. The 2030 workshop feels like an eternity ago. We have started off 2019 with so much happening. This is really a change year for us Steptonians.

Firstly, allow me to officially welcome Rampie Upington, and his team into the Stepp family. I know that he is going to be a huge asset to our team and brand.

We have successfully negotiated full binders for u/w and claims with both Constantia and also Western. I was in Cape Town to meet with Santam on the 24th of April on the way forward and the process for the claim’s implementation. This has been long awaited and will be a huge asset to our offering and our ability to partner with new Stepp brokers. I also had a meeting on the 30th of April with OMI on the process for a mandate for u/w and claims.

Our Brand is special and growing daily. I want to encourage each of you to remember that everything you and your staff do impact directly onto our brand. It is important that we hold each other accountable towards our brand. Please ensure that all marketing and brand issues are directed towards Samantha and in turn then through Succeed. I want to encourage each Partner and each staff member to focus on our brand and our service delivery. There is a onus on each of us to be focused on our core values and also our service delivery.

There will be a lot of focus on the delivery on our service levels especially pertaining to claims over the next 6 months. Claims is our business and I want to encourage and call on each staff member to please pull together to deliver on our claims promises. I want to implore you to really focus and do everything in your power to deliver an exemplary service.

In our endeavour to improve our life, soft & business skills I want to encourage all staff members to enrol into the Academy. TRUE POWER IS THE IMPLEMENTATION OF KNOWLEDGE – in or to implement knowledge you need to AQUIRE the knowledge!!!

I look forward to a prosperous three months in which we focus on growth and also claims delivery.

Regards Duncan Cairns (CEO)

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