Insurance Checklist

Are you tired of all the FAIS compliancy?

Are you retiring in the next few years and want to start preparing for handing over your book and having continuity? We agree to a formula and you decide when and how you want to sell your book.

Is the size of your book at the point where you cannot grow anymore because you have no further capacity to service a larger book?

Are you not getting enough time to market and grow your book because of your administration tying you down?

Do you need more and better facilities to be able to give your clients more and better options with recognized under writers?

Do you need the assistance of qualified staff for administration, claims and helping you get quotes?

Do you just need some guidance in helping you get those bigger accounts?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions then give us a call. We do book buyouts or part buyouts (there are many ways to structure such deals). We want to buy a part of your book to enable you to do what you do best and that is market. You will be able to build your book much quicker because of the back office you have at your disposal as we take over the function of administration and claims. You can chose to work on our license and PI cover or just become one of our Associates. We offer you a desk and link to our IT network where we have an administration system where we administer your clients and claims.
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