While you’re packing, remember your travel insurance

From Duncan’s desk
June 21, 2019
The reassurance you need
June 26, 2019

Your travel insurance should be considered number one on your list of things to pack. When travelling abroad, it is common to forget that incidents leading to medical intervention may occur. In all fairness to such emergencies, when your flight takes off, possible health risks don’t remain on the ground. But your limited insurance cover does, that is why opting for a travel insurance policy to cover emergencies beyond the shores is a top priority.

Travel insurance covers the following:

  • Illness or accidents incurred
  • Accidental death
  • Journey cancellation, curtailment or extension
  • Travel delays
  • Personal liability
  • Lost or stolen luggage and travel documents

Travel insurance is most handy when bridging the financial gap left wide open by varying currencies because, although the policy is purchased locally, all expenses incurred internationally will be in foreign currency. Would you want to pay that out of your pocket?

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